A Brand of RISONi

Best in Quality

Our wide range covers all budgets, keeping in mind the crucial QUALITY aspect. We have stage wise checking of all our fabrics
and made-ups to ensure only the best reaches our clients and their discerning guests. International standards @ Indian prices.

Our Team

ZUUKRA is a brand launched by RISONi®. The person behind this company is Mr. Raajesh Munglani. Raajesh has been in this industry since 1987. Having a long service career with varied experience in manufacturing on Hand loom and power loom factories all over India. He has been an able manager, creating unique weaves and designs for towels and table linen which is now a industry standard all over South Asia. He had successfully launched the export division for his family company in 1990. With offices in Maldives, Sri Lanka & Singapore, he made exports the leading flagship for the diversified group. Since 2007, having started from Madras, this company has grown by leaps and bounds to have offices and active dedicated clientele from his offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and Norway. Soon to launch an office in Singapore again.